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Fostering 4.0

4.0 is a reference to the fundamental changes coming with the so-called fourth industrial revolution where smart objects and humans will interrelate through an elaborated chain of gears reporting data to a server systems, more and more often empowered by artificial intelligence, all combined to shape our tomorrow world with a better use of assets and resources, be it for public or for business purposes.

With its Internet of Things (IOT) experience, Solution Ally routinely advise on the best available interfaces (or gateway) between the real world (machines and/or people) and the Cloud.  Such role implies successfully collecting concealed inputs (meter data, human ID’s, GPS positioning, etc.) from the targeted subjects and conveying these data through medias (wired or wireless) to a dedicated remote system (smart grid, payment platform, tracking portal, etc.) where data will be processed.

We are witnessing an acceleration of innovations addressing this exponential-growth market. This acceleration in turn is hardening vendors selections already existing with severe complexity. Many new concepts with attractive advances, but which one to rely on for the next 5, 8, 10 years and sometimes even more? Difficult choice when hypothetical enhancements flood R&D engineers with further benefits at an ever-accelerating rate, almost by the day. Moreover, if that main choice was not hard enough, how to make all parties of a multi-vendors system to cooperate with one another technically, commercially … successfully? This is where Solution Ally steps in.

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Solution Ally offers Systems and Services to companies involved in Energy, Transport and Payments.

International : consulting, training and sourcing fitted to projects, deployments & operations constraints,
Regional : delivery, assembly & support to meet regional standards,
Local : assets rental solutions with connectivity, maintenance & fleet admin./management (when possible).

Our mission is to back-up client’s innovation with proven technologies and experts support.
How can we help ?

We can help

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Solution Ally positions itself as an upstream player of the final design. Because a solution can only achieve … a realistic aim, it is essential to know what data will be collectable, right from the start before fancying any theoretical yet unworkable outcomes. For that motive, we partner with hardware specialists (devices manufacturers) and CTO’s carrying at least 20 years in the industry, not less.

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Solution Ally position itself also as a network solution provider (when possible) with management services to ease data collection. Indeed, a communication media should be kept as transparent as possible for the final system. In that spirit, we would handle the transport of data between the sensors and the cloud to reduce worries of your operations.

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Cooperating & Servicing

Once data could be delivered to your servers, remaining complications are yet to be addressed. Staff training, devices field deployment and commissioning, operational processes, equipment maintenance with life cycle management, continuous improvements … there is a lot to refine for a system to deliver its purposes for its selected life-time.

Helping patrons with dependable vendors to achieve their objectives in a pragmatic manner is how Solution Ally was founded.

Our partners

We partner with high-tech companies to deliver you the most appropriate solutions.
You focus on your needs, we will deliver you the right technology

Logo EDF international white matte

EDF International Networks is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EDF dedicated to international projects engineering, consulting and management services for energy networks.

The company expertise on smart energies transitions for Smart Cities, Smart Grids and Renewables Energies integration projects is vastly relevant to Industry 4.0.

■ 70 years of innovation and operational practice as a DSO,
■ 160.000 employees serving 37 million customers,
■ Services: from technical assistance to complete smart grids solutions,
■ Applications: sustainable economic development solutions for energy players.

logo mobiwire color 135

MobiWire is a large-size manufacturer of cellular devices. Leveraging its first-class quality processes implemented with tier-one Mobile Network Operators the company expanded its offering to the professional market with the same service excellence under a new entity, MobiIoT. Headquartered in France, the company’s international teams deliver expertise responding to the accelerating demands for OEM/ODM dedicated to IoT.

■ 20 years of experience legacy (ex-Sagem) partnering with MNO’s and Payment Industry Players ,
■ 2,500 R&D and manufacturing employees in the factory,
■ cutting edge quality management system,
■ 50 million android devices per year.

logo sfereComm color 250

Sferecomm is a high quality Electro-Mechanical Assemblies company serving car makers, appliance producers and electronic manufacturers. The design, development and manufacturing capabilities are hosted in China and Thailand.

■ Established in San Diego since 2008,
■ ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality accredited China Factory,
■ Unique industry’s time-to-market performance, with the latest in equipment and technologies,
■ Over 12 million cable harness already shipped to USA, Australia and Canada.


  • Cellular Gateways, Routers, Trackers, and Nodes for the IOT market players. We provide solutions for Automation & Metering and Automotive & Tracking in 2G, 3G, 4G and other wireless technologies with embedded intelligence.
  • Digital Payments solutions for EDC and mobile POS. Available On-premises or Cloud-based platforms for Smart Terminals, Kiosk, Web applications.

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